Our Process

  • When we arrive at any clients property our first order of business is to clean the driveway. This includes pulling the grass away from the edges of the asphalt to expose them as sealing the sides of your driveway is just as important as sealing the center of it to maintain the integrity. Next we clean out the dirt and grass in any cracks as well as the whole driveway to ensure that the sealer and crack filler will adhere to the asphalt.
  • After cleaning is all out of the way, we then torch any moss, oil or other petroleum stains in the driveway. Once these sections are torched fully, extracting all the oils out, we then apply our Prep Seal TM with brooms.
  • While the Prep Seal TM is drying we focus on filling the cracks in the driveway with our Crackmaster TM crack-filler in our hot pour cart. We then cover the filled in crack with a multi-grain, fine sand to ensure the crack-filler and sealer adhere to each other.
  • Next, the entire driveway gets blown off to remove any excess particles still remaining on the asphalt to prepare for sealing.
  • The final step of our process is to then spray the driveway/parking lot with the NEYRA Tarconite Sealer TM.
  • Your driveway/parking lot will be blocked off with barricade tape as we ask that you do not walk on or drive on until 24HRS has passed. *Please keep pets off of the wet driveway as we do not want your furry friends’ paws to make tracks and bring it in the house! We take pride in keeping all of our materials outside on the driveway/parking lot ONLY!
  • Our staff will then come to see the client for a quality check, to receive payment and to give a copy of the contract and/or receipt.

We look forward to working with you for all of your driveway needs!